force x distance/time = power

that’s how power is defined in crossfit, my latest athletic obsession. Now, if I can only put the equation to use for this blog – keep the writing going over distance, even when my time is divided. Now, that would be power! It’s been a busy past couple of weeks at the Process Work Institute, but I’m hoping to get back to the blog soon.



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4 responses to “force x distance/time = power

  1. juderaven1

    You got me thinking about pwer equations.

    Power is the rate at which work is done, or the rate at which energy is used transferred.

    work done = force x distance

    power = work done / time taken

    If work is being done by a machine moving at speed v against a constant force, or resistance, F, then since work done is force times distance, work done per second is Fv, which is the same as power. P = Fv

    speed = distance / time
    Power = force x speed

    Power = Voltage x Current

    Then of course you can add in resistance … !

    Outside of physics, all of these formulas seem applicable to psychological processes.

    Interesting stuff !
    – Jude

  2. juliediamond

    I agree, these formulas do have psychological parallels. Just posted a piece on courage – or rather, taking fear and resistance seriously. Not sure what the equation would be, but something like:

    power/resistance = sustainability?


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